Cultivate Peace Project

The “Cultivate Peace” symbol created by me for Tim Palmer. Here it is tagged on the Israeli West Bank barrier (AKA The Wall of Shame).

“Cultivating peace is difficult work. And, chances are, painting the segregation wall that separates Bethlehem from Jerusalem doesn’t move us much closer to the peaceful world we all hope to cultivate. But, it could be the creative nudge we need to remind us that weapons of war and oppression can be repurposed into instruments of peace. I hope this stencil doesn’t last too long on this wall. I hope the wall comes down. If there was one phrase that we heard over and over again as we spoke to folks doing the difficult work of cultivating peace in Palestine and Israel, it’s that this wall stands in the way of most efforts toward that end. How can you get to know your neighbor if you’re not allowed to meet them? How can you learn to love your neighbor if you’ve never afforded the opportunity to see them?”

Tim Palmer

I was approached by my friend, Tim Palmer (speaker, songwriter, and fellow pizza enthusiast), about a new project. I know that when Tim has a vision, it’s typically something I can get behind and support. What started out as a simple shirt design for an upcoming event has snowballed into something so much more. 

The words, “Cultivate Peace” kept being repeated as he explained his heart for this design during our initial discussion. The Bible verse Isaiah 2:4 was the foundation we wanted for the design. The concept of taking tools intended for war, death, and destruction and transforming them into things that can be used to bring forth peace, life, and restoration was something to get excited about (both creatively and spiritually). So I created this Cultivate Peace symbol.