My wife, Sarah, making me cheese. Fall 2019.


My name is Broc Baird and I’m a multidisciplinary designer that offers creative services that help businesses grow via modern marketing strategies, branding, design, and engaging videos.

I have my Bachelors in Graphic Design and currently live in Abilene, Texas with my wife, two daughters and our doggo, Edgar.

However, I grew up in Denver, Colorado where my love for art formed. My Uncle Jason used to teach me how to draw almost every day when I got home from school. My Mom would show me art pieces she completed in her youth, teach me how to use different mediums and take me on frequent trips to art and science museums in Denver. During my childhood summers I would stay with my Dads in Texas and spend countless hours in my Grandma Florence’s studio painting various landscapes with her. She taught me how to find beauty in everything around us. For as long as I can remember, I have had an incredibly strong tribe of unique individuals pouring into me and supporting any endeavor I chase after.

With almost a decade of Graphic Design experience, I have come to plant my feet on three core values that I do business with.

  1. Quality Over Quantity – I don’t find value in mass produced design nor do I wish to have an ever revolving door of clients. I take my time and give attention to every detail.
  2. Partners Not Clients – Having clients or customers is too corporate for my little punk heart. I believe in cultivating relationships and that means having a relationship that’s mutually beneficial. Your success means my success.
  3. All for God’s Glory – Plain and simple. I love Jesus and am so grateful for what He’s done in my life. I want to live my life with integrity and honor so that He can be glorified in some small way.

If you made it this far, I thank you for being genuinely interested in my story. As a special thank you, here a cute pic of Ed. I look forward to working with you!

This is Edgar, but he goes by Eddy Spaghetti. He’s a good boy.